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BEST Online Casino Canada

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Find list of best Canadian Casino Sites for players from Canada. Listed online casinos are legal and hold license to operate in Canada.

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Best Canadian Online Casinos
Best Canadian Online Casinos

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The RISING appeal of online casinos in Canada

Online gaming in Canada of all sorts has skyrocketed over the past decade and the online casino is no exception. Canadian Casinos and gambling environments create an exotic and thrilling atmosphere, which is reminiscent of the allure and excitement often portray in films like James Bond, Oceans 11, The Colour of Money, and The Hustle.

When people play Casino games, they allow themselves to let loose, with more serious gamblers able to exercise their creative and analytical skills, giving them a true feeling of accomplishment and thrill when they do win real money.

Stashbird Online Casino
Stashbird Online Casino

Canadian Online casinos have become a popular source of escapism and gratification for a large percentage of the population. The appeal, like many online game environments, lies in the suspense and the anticipation that, not only may you win cash, but, moreover, that you win against all of those around you.

The migration of the casino to the online arena has enable them to develop as a real competitor against their building-based offline counterparts. They can be based out of any country in the world, such as Canada, yet played the world over, giving players the opportunity to engage with a community much wider than their own.

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Quality Canadian Online Casinos for Online Gamblers from Canada. We have reviewed and ranked the best online gambling options available in Canada. Top offers only! All options are 100% safe and secure. Well chosen by our expert team! Visit our Online Casino for Canadians Today! https://www.stashbird.com

The pros and cons online gambling Canada

Ironically, supporters and detractors of legalized online casinos often use the same argument: protection of consumers.

Keith Furlong of the Interactive Gaming Council argues that legalizing online gambling would allow for regulation. “[Legal online casinos] would provide a better alternative, and a safer route for consumers,” he says.

But Jamie Wiebe of the Responsible Gambling Council of Ontario worries that online casinos aren’t the same as land-based ones. “It seems internet gambling is a different sort of activity, in that it’s and isolated activity,” says Wiebe. That may lead to, or contribute to, gambling addictions.

Furlong argues that with regulated gambling, money can be put toward programs for problem gamblers. That’s what happens with the money the provinces make now.

But gambling critic Sol Boxenbaum says that money is being collected off the backs of the victims. “They’re creating the problem, and then they’re giving two per cent of the revenue to fight the problem that wouldn’t be there, if they hadn’t created it in the first place.”

Boxenbaum says its time to sit back and take a look at the changes in the gambling industry in Canada, particularly since the introduction of casinos. “Right now, it’s just a free-for-all,” he says, “We have to stop building and start analyzing what’s happened.”

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